How To Juggle Your Side Hustle With Your Full Time Job

girl sitting at desk working on computer surrounded by cakes

I talk a lot about how you should have the guts to go for your dreams and taking the chance on starting your new business etc. But the reality is a lot of new businesses start as a side hustle, not everyone is in the position to just throw caution to the wind and dive in head first, much as they … Read More

How To Set Up a Legal Home-based Baking Business

How to set up a legal home based baking business

You’ve got your recipes down and your decorating skills are on point, so what’s stopping you from making it official?  The most common reason I hear for people not starting their own baking business is that the process of officially and legally registering a baking business just seems too daunting.   Well, I have good news – It’s really not as … Read More