Top 10 Tips for Starting a Baking Business

snugglemuffin owner, juliane grasekamp at cake stand at big feed, glasgow

There are so many great pieces of advice out there for starting a baking business – I probably read most of them when I set up my own! Everyone’s take on what transcends you from hobby-baker to bakery boss is valuable; and personal to them. Because everyone’s journey is different. But whilst our experiences are unique, there are some common … Read More

Don’t Make Me Choose! Why You Should Limit Your Menu

Girl trying to decide between two different cupcakes

One afternoon, returning from a client meeting, I passed a cute little bakery. I suddenly realised I needed cake (as you do). Inside, there was a startling array of cupcakes with every topping imaginable, pies of every filling, cream donuts, chocolate donuts, pistachio …you get the picture. My mouth watered; at first. Then it hit me. Indecision. Then confusion. And … Read More